Against Scottish Wildness

Interesting piece at Bella Caledonia on balancing wilderness with local use.  The comments are worth a read, too.  Again it seems to me that Maine shares some political/social similarities with northern Britain.

On our trip to the UK, we didn’t ultimately spend much time in Scotland, unfortunately (just an overnight in Edinburgh), but whether there or in Wales, Ireland, England, or our weeklong diversion to Athens, it often felt strange to be a tourist from a tourist state.  There’s a sense of gratefulness for being able to experience wonderful sites – ruined castles, hiking trails, the green and tended countryside – but coupled with a knowledge (earned by living near a main route to Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park) that the people who spend their lives near such places are of course living day to day just like anyone else, while we pass through and peek around.  So who is it all for?