I’m a father of triplets who also nurses an interest in medieval literature and history, especially that of the British Isles.  I intend to use this space to organize my thoughts and experiences involving those two most important parts of my life:  my family and my reading.

My wife and I were surprised with the triplets around 2 years ago.  Since they are our only kids, having 3 at once can seem strangely normal.  Other times it feels like we won the lottery.

And other times… well, sometimes you can’t help but wonder whether the sheer volume of parenting is going to drive all of that smart stuff out of your head.

To that end, I plan to update this blog several times a week with reflections, book reviews, or recollections of interesting day-to-day stuff.

My interests lie pretty squarely in the medieval period of northwestern Europe, especially the history and literature of Britain – Bede and Beowulf, The Gododdin and the Gawain-poet, and the works of Dafydd ap Gwilym, to name some favorites.  Along the way, I’m sure I’ll dive off in different directions.

But whatever happens, I promise to keep the diaper anecdotes to a minimum.



2 comments on “About

  1. Brett says:

    Haha, nice intro. I remember I took two classes on early British literature. It’s a fascinating read. I appreciate the follow. Cheers.

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